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10 alimente sănătoase cu puține calorii, care nu îngrașă [Infografic]

10 alimente sănătoase cu puține calorii, care nu îngrașă [Infografic]


Vara a trecut și chiar dacă silueta și sănătatea ne-au preocupat în mod deosebit până acum, nu avem niciun motiv să fim delăsători nici de-acum înainte, ba dimpotrivă. Vacanțele sau week-endurile departe de casă pot fi mereu un motiv de-a face excese sau de-a ne lăsa pradă tentațiilor dulci rafinate, Dar când revenim acasă, cu ce ne dregem?

Iată aici 10 alimente sănătoase (ouă, legume, fructe) pe care le putem consuma pentru a alunga sentimentul de vinovăție și a reveni pe calea cea bună, pe calea verii fără grija unor kilograme în plus.

Toate gramajele de mai jos sunt raportate la 100 gr din fiecare aliment. Recomandarea noastră este de a căuta să fie bio, atât cât se poate. Libertatea de a le combina în tot felul de rețete sau de a le consuma crude, în salate, este a voastră!

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1. Albuş de ou

0.0 gr. grăsimi; 11.1 gr. proteine; 44 KCal
Profilactic împotriva cataractei.
Imunostimulator puternic.

2. Toate felurile de vază

Până la 0.4 gr. grăsimi; până la 45 KCal
Varza reduce riscul apariţiei bolilor cardiovasculare.
Bune pentru tractul digestiv.

3. Grapefruit

0.2 gr. grăsimi; 29 KCal
Stabilizează nivelul zaharurilor.

4. Vinete

0.1 gr. grasimi; 24 KCal
Reduc nivelul colesterolului.

5. Castraveţi

0.1 gr. grăsimi; 15 KCal
Foarte bun detoxifiant.


10 alimente care nu te ingrasa - Republica BIO

(descarcă mai jos infograficul la calitate excepţională)

6. Dovleac

0.3 gr. grăsimi; 28 KCal
Reglează funcţionarea inimii şi a tractului gastrointestinal.

7. Sfeclă roşie fiartă

0.0 gr. grăsimi; 49 KCal
Imbunătăţeşte funcţionarea creierului.

8. Salată verde

0.3 gr. grăsimi; 12 KCal
Un bun calmant.
Reduce depunerile nedorite de calciu de pe oase.

9. Roşii

0.2 gr. grăsimi; 20 KCal
Vitaminele, fibrele şi potasiul din roşii îmbunătăţesc metabolismul.

10. Ţelina

0.1 gr. grăsimi; 12 KCal
Reglează funcţionarea intestinului şi a rinichilor.

* valori per 100 gr.


Bucură-te de sănătatea adevărată, de sănătatea cu gust bun!


Laur și Răzvan, Republica BIO

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China passes draft Hong Kong safeness law

The move has prompted widespread concern about Beijing’s increasing influence on the semi autonomous region.On thursday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that the law indicates Hong Kong no longer qualifies for its special status under United States law. To end or at least alter the special economic and trading online dating that it currently has with Hong Kong. President Donald Trump said Wednesday ahead of the vote that he will issue a response before the end of the week.Hong Kong’s exec democracy activists, Who in recent days took to the streets in protest, Spoke out from move,Today’s decision is a direct assault on the will" involving Hong Kongers, Joshua Wong, An activist who rose to prominence during widespread routines in 2014, Said on tweets. He warned the legal procedure "Might kill Hong Kong’s democratic dance moves,Its passage was of no great surprise and hours beforehand, Pompeo tweeted saturday that "the usa stands with the people of Hong Kong,A joint statement by the State work group, while using the foreign ministries of Canada, the united kingdom and Australia, announced China’s passing of the draft law was "In direct conflict with its international reach and international, international,global marketing obligations,They called on China to rethink the laws, Saying it raises the chance that Hong Kongers might be prosecuted "For politics crimes, And undermines existing promises to protect the rights of Hong Kong people,China’s annual National People’s Congress approved the construction of the law by 2,878 ballots to 1. It will now go to senior party administrators in the Standing Committee of the NPC to be fleshed out.confidence: Riot police stand guard outside a Louis Vuitton shop during a protest against Beijing’s plans to impose national security regulation in Hong Kong (Tyrone Siu or )Either way it represents a major turning point in China’s handling of the territory.Some analysts see it as China losing patience with Hong Kong’s failure to adopt national security regulations on its own after anti government protests swept the city last year.Hong Kong, Once a british colony, Was handed back to China in 1997 on the agreement that it would retain a minimum of 50 years extra freedoms distinct from those of mainland China.i thought this was called "One continent, Two models, And stated that Hong Kong would keep unique, More liberal systems of executive, The judiciary and country.Tara paul, us president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, recognised Beijing’s draft law as marking “the finale of an era” For the location,Hong Kong, in many ways, is just about the new Berlin: The new meeting point of a big argument of big difference between two major powers, China and the nation, She being said. And other Western governments, Activists come to mind that Beijing is now trying to snuff out the freedoms that it promised decades ago,Hong Kong is not as free as it was before, thought one demonstrator, Part of a group of dozens of people which had gathered in downtown Hong Kong on Thursday. Asking to be often known as Wong for fear of retaliation, He said that Hong Kong’s state and federal government was now just “a person’s puppet of Beijing” feeling that it was "hurting our basic values, harming our freedom, injuring our democracy,another demonstrator, Simon Ho, An i. t,technology worker, declared that it was "Too late to modify, But we still need to express to government entities that we really do not like this law,to be able to Bonnie Glaser, A senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and crucial Studies think tank, The passage of the draft law shows that the Chinese Communist Party has weighed up the risks and considered them acceptable to achieve cause real progress,It was potentially too un-welcome to Xi Jinping to see surrounding the elections in September, Another round of very violent protests that simply couldn’t control, Glaser being said, speaking about the Chinese president. She believed the coronavirus [url=]rusian brides[/url] was an “Accelerant” Emboldening China’s alien policy.Janis Mackey Frayer said they have experience from Beijing; Justin Solomon within Hong Kong; And Alexander Smith and Adela Suliman said from London. forked out to this report.Yahoo NewsTrump threatens to crack down on social media after Twitter posts a fact check of his tweets on voting by mailPresident Trump threatened to impose federal system on or even shut down social media platforms after Twitter added a fact checking reply to his tweets about mail in voting. The threat came as two tweets. Boris Johnson decision to lock down the country at a relatively late stage of the pandemic may have really influenced the high number of Covid 19 deaths in the UK, The bank Times analysis found. The UK has the second highest total excess death count in the world since March behind only the US and the highest death rate in the world when adjusted for population.

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Using online online dating services is fast becoming a successful way to pick a life partner, Says new research.

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bothersome passenger arraigned with lovemaking misconduct later on causing airline ticket so as to divert Tulsa

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00:34 17.10.2019

Biden leads in 2020 vote type

these studies looked at the Democratic contest across the places it will matter first: The entirety of 18 states that will shape preliminary 2020 fight through Super Tuesday, such Iowa, New Hampshire and sc. And CBS News converted Democrats’ vote choices across all those states into delegates, Because that’s the count that could eventually matter that is, The nomination contest selects delegates to the Democratic custom next year.

CBS News first asked which candidates voters are looking at supporting and told them they could pick ukraina girls as many or as few as they liked. (As for lots of decisions people make, Early at the same time they’ll narrow their options before settling on one.)

CBS News’ model translates vote preferences in the states and districts into delegates because that’s the count that may ultimately matter incorporating party rules along the way. Were these vote preferences today to be the ones that emerged across all these states, Biden would lead in the delegate rankings through Super Tuesday by a wide margin, With Warren and Sanders in this mixture behind him.

Biden’s top preference numbers across the early states would produce an estimated delegate standing of 731 delegates, in contrast to Warren’s 355 and Sanders’ 317. These individuals, thus, Have a distinct edge in consideration over all of the field.

Voter needs and wants and the political landscape can and usually do change over time, And the model does not attempt to add in the effects of any such changes or uncertainty going forward. CBS News and YouGov plan to conduct additional interviews and revise current estimates based on updated data on a normal schedule.

When CBS News asked people to pick all the candidates they are looking at, let alone their ultimate first choice, We could see who’s more directly in competition with whom in the minds of voters.

Sanders’ first choice voters are the most singularly focused of the field, Least likely to be turning over anyone else at all. Those picking Warren as their first choice are also seeing Harris, And to a lesser extent Buttigieg and Sanders. Among Democrats preferring the nominee be a woman, A majority are thinking about Harris, And a majority are also thinking of Warren.

in the early voting states, Biden bests the field with both men and women, And his lead among black Democratic primary voters is bigger than it is among whites. Biden has more back support among older primary voters than younger voters.

Sanders performs well with voters under 30 years old. Most Democratic primary voters in these early states consider themselves liberal split between those who find themselves very liberal and somewhat liberal. Biden trails Warren and Sanders among the “Very open-handed” a section of the party, But runs ahead the actual best “moderately” open-handed voters. Biden holds an even wider lead associated with the quarter of Democratic primary voters who identify as moderates.

The CBS News Battleground Tracker will monitor the contest as we go forward. The 2020 primaries are much larger than just Iowa, New Hampshire and south carolina. Many large states have stacked up during the early part of the 2020 calendar.

this tends to produce a clear frontrunner by spring, But on the other hand, the foundations could fracture the delegate allocations. Democrats hand out seminar delegates proportionally to top finishers in states not just to winners, But often,actually to second and third place and regionally in districts. So this tends to keep a large field running well into next spring. quite possibly, The lack of so called superdelegates this year the party leaders who now can’t vote on the first long-established ballot as they did in the past could leave the race more open as well.

This CBS News survey is conducted by YouGov between May 31 and June 12, 2019. a representative sample of 16,624 registered voters in 18 states supposed to hold early primaries and caucuses (alabama, north dakota, some states, denver, georgia, Iowa, ma, mn, the state of nevada, new hampshire, north carolina, okla, sc, tennessee, colorado, utah, Vermont, va) Was opted for. This sample entails 7,885 self identi dems and Democratic leaning Independents. Bureau throughout the Census, in addition to being 2016 presidential vote. The margin of error is around 1.5%.

10:01 12.12.2017

Multumim, Florin.
Razvan, Republica BIO

09:40 12.12.2017

Buna Roxana, multumim! Ne bucuram tare!
Maria, Republica BIO

12:48 26.09.2017

materiale fff interesante

12:39 05.07.2017

Buna Roxana! Ne bucuram foarte tare ca articolele noastre te binedispun. Ne vom stradui sa mentinem starea asta de fiecare data ;)
Maria, Republica BIO

12:37 05.07.2017

Cu drag, Ivan! Sigur ca mai postam. Pe curand!
Razvan, Republica BIO

10:33 04.07.2017

Multumesc! Sunt de folos aceste inf. …?, Mai postati, va rog!!!

roxana-maria sofronie
08:07 15.06.2017

va rog mai postati asemenea materiale,imi fac ziua buna .multumesc

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