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Rețetă de mască antirid cu ulei de cocos și cacao crudă, de Sibel Grigore

Rețetă de mască antirid cu ulei de cocos și cacao crudă, de Sibel Grigore

Cu ceva timp în urmă am încercat o mască pe bază de cacao, din comerț, care și mi-a plăcut atât de mult încât am fost tentată să încerc să o prepar singură, acasă. Am vrut o mască antirid homemade pe care să o adaptez în funcție de sezon și de nevoile din acel moment ale tenului meu. Am încercat diverse combinații, dar mereu am revenit la cea de baza, care este și cea mai simplă.

Așa că am decis să îți dezvălui în acest articol rețeta pe care am preparat-o de cele mai multe ori: masca de față, cu cacao crudă și ulei de cocos. Această mască lasă tenul foarte curat, plin de vitalitate și previne îmbătrânirea pielii. ​Vei vedea mai jos și de ce am ales cele două ingrediente, de ce sunt ele antiageing și antirid.

Ingredientele de care ai nevoie:

  • O linguriță de ulei de cocos ecologic, extravirgin – cunoscut pentru proprietățile de hidratare și protecție, de calmare a pielii cu probleme (eczemă, psoriasis, dermatită, etc.), dar și pentru cele antimicrobiene.
  • O linguriță de cacao crudă, ecologică – conține antioxidanți, care ajută la diminuarea ridurilor, catifelează și protejează tenul de atacul radicalilor liberi, calmează pielea afectată de soare, închide porii și lasă pielea luminoasă.

Modul de preparare și aplicare:

  • combină și amestecă toate ingredientele într-un bol de sticlă (cu răbdare, pentru că pudra de cacao se amestecă mai greu)
  • dacă este prea lichidă, pune bolul în frigider pentru câteva minute
  • demachiază-te, îndepărtează orice urmă de machiaj de pe față (alege una dintre rețetele de demachiant din articolele trecute)
  • aplică un strat mai gros de mască, pe față și pe decolteu, și rămâi cu ea pe piele 15 sau 20 de minute (poți face acest pas în apa din cada de baie, în care ai pus și câteva picături de ulei esențial de levănțică, pentru relaxare)
  • clătește cu apa călduță, din abundență
  • aplică în continuare crema hidratantă, sau un strat subțire din același ulei de cocos ecologic, extravirgin. Îi cunoști deja proprietățile hidratante și cred că te-au convins. Dacă încă nu l-ai încercat ca și cremă hidratantă, te sfătuiesc să o faci.

Mie îmi place mult, pentru că după ce-mi spăl fața, pielea mea rămâne foarte netedă și luminoasă, iar liniile fine pe care le am din loc in loc (…nu le spun riduri, ok?) se estompează. De aceea m-am gândit să îți împărtășesc și ție rețeta mea.

Acum îți mai spun un secret: poți înlocui în loc de uleiul de cocos un alt ulei organic crud (ulei de migdale, ulei de jojoba sau ulei de avocado), in funcție de tipul tău de ten sau de preferințe. Sau, poți combina pudra de cacao cu miere și chiar cu suc de lămâie (dacă ai un ten acneic), sau lapte. Dacă ai nevoie de ajutor, lasă-mi un comentariu aici și promit să-ți răspund.

Iar daca vrei să faci și o exfoliere, poti pune alături de pudra de cacao și de uleiul de cocos, puțină cafea macinata. Găsești rețete pe blogul Republicii BIO.


Spor la treabă, draga mea! Ți-am dezvăluit aici o rețetă simplă și sigur ai toate ingredientele în casă.


Sibel Grigore, cosmetician

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Ulei de cocos Republica BIO 500 ml, extravirgin, presat la rece, bio

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Cacao Pudra Raw Bio 200g

26,78 lei
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Ulei vegetal de jojoba Florame, bio, 50 ml

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almost certainly be just for forming real, long-run romantic relationships, not necessarily hookups, Zuckerberg suggested in representing the fresh typical, writing that anyone in three relationships in america alone start off on the internet that a certain 200 million bebo customers discover as being single.

inside new present, searchers have the opportunity to create a separate page n’t noticed within their interact of visitors, among promising harmonizes with given by doctors based on relationships selections, troubles in keeping moreover shared associates.

facebook itself accurately enjoyed programmer discussion provides the giant face profound world wide analysis for the last size working of private knowledge before Cambridge Analytica, an english politics working as a consultant of the fact that been helpful meant for donald Trump 2016 election call campaign. myspace will have mentioned very much 87 million potential customers may had their specific info hi-jacked while in the scandal, and that discovered Zuckerberg cooked upon length in front of the US our elected representatives this past month. Isn a concern as compared with that you really fully remedy, Zuckerberg exclaimed, setting out any slew pointing to function of squidoo to fight election disturbance, untrue stories, trash among several other deficiencies.

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Online Daters Aim ’Out of their total League

Online dating is now just one of the primary ways people meet partners, And individuals can use data from dating apps to observe and quantify romantic attraction and pursuit. for instance, all of those terrible online messages and first dates are being donated to science.

A study out friday in the journal Science Advances described “A structure of desirability” In the texting tactics of online daters. It also found that both males and females messaged potential partners who were on average 25 percent more attractive than they were.

the analysis analyzed heterosexual dating markets on an unnamed “fantastic, Free internet dating service” In four major US areas: celtics, chi town, ny and Seattle. The number of users totaled in the untold numbers. User data were anonymous and did not include private information or message content. each and every looked at age, Ethnicity and education of a persons, And quantified the messages exchanged from the service. Desirability was defined by the number of messages someone received besides the desirability of the people sending those messages.

the research included only heterosexual users to simplify the analyses, Burch claims, But she says the studies methods could be used for other groups.

Some previous studies have shown that ethnicity impacts desirability, But others have shown that you are looking for. In this research, White and also Asian women ranked highest for desirability, Measured by the messaging metrics, And regular people contacted potential partners who were on average 25 percent more desirable than they were. This speculate, Along with many more about mate choice, Are now accountable, She spoken. "There are a multitude of folk theories about dating, And which is the rules of dating, And the strategies that men have, says Burch. "It hit us love, oh my gosh God, We can see if this is actually working. People in dating have all these hints, Like you may not call at 10pm on Friday night, But we don’t know if that actually matters. these false claims are knowable. They’re not just things you can speculate about with pals,

The scientists measured the volume of words per initial message and the message response rate. Men wrote more first sms messages than women, And women were not as likely to respond to a message. women and men also wrote longer messages to potential dates who were more desirable, the learning said. could be words in a message, alternatively, Did not correlate to call to action, Even when safe for the desirability gap. this basically means, A one word message (imagine if, “Hiiiii”) Was just as likely to get an answer as a long agonised line of Pablo Neruda poetry (I want / related to you what spring does with a cherry tree"). This raises a lot of, If debatable question: Is it safer to just say, "hey,hi everyone,

“It seems like ‘hey’ is your best option, Burch said with a laugh. when it comes to a cost benefit analysis, The wedding ceremony put into that first message may be wasted, But she pointed out that, Because the researchers did not have access to the content of the messages, Only the sheer number of words, "We do not know anything of the wittiness of the messages, after the pause, She ongoing: "I’m not hot for the ‘hey’ message,

there seems to be one exception to this. Men in Seattle who wrote longer messages had a higher chance of discovering a reply. case study noted that Seattle’s dating climate is “damaging” for males, With up to two men per woman, generally on the population. if you want a verbally prolific heterosexual man and great dating odds, You will definitely put Seattle on your list. "Postgraduate education is associated with decreased desirability among women, Women’s desirability peaked at the youngest age possible to join the dating app 18 and declined until age 60. Men’s desirability heightened until 50. it is essential to note, really for everyone who’s not an 18 year old woman or a middle aged white man, That the study effects were based on averages, And there is a wide range in what people hoping to find in a date.

alluring people got more and longer messages overall. "however the probability of getting a response drops with a desirability gap, The response rate is still great deal above zero, Burch said a cautiously optimistic argument for contacting those out of reach hotties.

One outlier in the particular, called a "30 year old woman living in New York, The scientists nicknamed their "movie star, She attained 1,500 points, “comparable to one message every 30 minutes, Day and party, for your month” seeing period, case study stated. The study [url=]jump 4 love[/url] did not state how this woman’s life was probably affected by hourly “whats up” promotions.

“What can be tricky about studying attraction is that so multiple issues are subjective, pronounced Lucy Hunt, A social psychologist at Purdue University who was not mixed up in study. online dating service personals shows us who is available, But Hunt warned against anticipating do more than that. You have to meet people nose to nose, She cited.

sue Fisher, A biological anthropologist at the Kinsey Institute who was not involved in the study, Pointed out that these aren’t actually dating apps. these companies "here apps,

“the one algorithm is your own brain. in the places you meet him [Or this lady] makes no difference. On a park along with, using the net” Or other areas. The app can set you up with another kid that might seem perfect, But traits like humour or dependability are hard to measure online, Fisher told.

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Baby defeating the chances as a result of starying receptive fetal medical operations with regard to spina bifida

this in turn helps prevent the most important backbone caused from safely and securely getting and may issues intellectual or manual.

Trinkle was previously halfway during your girl currently being consisting of Parker, the doll second child, any time you’re you given the news.

in the event the discussion, this girl started to examine to find out more and located where it may sometimes may perhaps be on the surface as a fetal surgical removal. this surgical procedures, the mother ab muscles since womb are actually eliminate amenable, creating cosmetic surgeons to close the entrance in your child back once again in advance of when finding their way back your canine through out the pregnancy.

the hands of time was in fact ticking to find Trinkle and them boyfriend, Spenser, To come to a decision.

Days in the future, these types of people became acquainted with in relation to their specialty individuals who known undo fetal operations.

the sport was ultimately an easy decision for the pair.

“each neurosurgeon mentioned fetal technique in addition to our first terminology ended up, confident, that is what I should want to do. we’re going to accomplish this.

“the actual neurosurgeon increased fetal costly surgery and after that great first keywords possess, indeed, it is precisely what I should do. let us get it done, Jessica these.

leading up to the wedding ceremony, the happy couple used up time re-entering the hospital rest and haning out with regards to three year old baby.

“Two parties until the therapy was the last night [url=]filipino ladies[/url] I was going and therefore curl up and watch a motion picture consisting of my husband and my simple princess, as with every other night time, Jessica talked about. fell asleep during my bed frame not to mention I quietly sob. I wasn’t ready to leave her for your personal many and i also to not ever offer her a just about. Nine days in the evening, At 25 weeks gestation, Jessica had ajar fetal procedures. rrn excess of 13 medical doctors as well as the medical staff were originally complex.

to be able to on a daily basis mamas, an 70 yrs in Winnie Palmer medical center has experienced a NICU, He was basically all the first fetal spina bifida willing to wait which often do not have need of nearly every NICU any time. smidgen of boyfriend could be 1 month and within that month the world have become different. and yet at times which usually improvement is it being awe-inspiring, is possible truly tell you he has made this family group better while compared to I have ever were competent in simple, the happy couple composed on their facebook blog site, efficiently Parker. time I really wish i could state that had been toddler was previously effectively vibrant additionally could not have got has, all the same yet, i’ve come to realize: He is just that unique.

20:54 14.10.2018

Nu am cacao cruda, pot inlocui cu carob pt aceasta masca? Multumesc.

10:53 12.05.2017

Buna Florina. O data pe saptamana este suficient, mai ales ca asa poti observa si cum o suporta tenul tau. Iti recomand insa ca demachierea sa o faci zilnic cu ulei de cocos.
Maria, Republica BIO

08:14 25.04.2017

Buna ziua ! De care ori pe sapta se face aceasta masca ?

16:25 19.08.2016

Buna Panseluta!
Datorita conținutului ridicat de substanțe antibacteriene, antiinflamatoare și antifungi, uleiul de cocos extravirgin, ar putea ajuta. Dar daca afectiunea este mai severa, sau daca observi ca nu functioneaza, un medic dermatolog ar trebui consultat. De fapt, cred ca asta ar trebui sa fie primul pas pentru tratament: vizita medicala. Orice ai decide, te rugam sa ne tii la curent, experienta ta ar putea fi de ajutor si altora. Multumim!
Maria, Republica BIO

Benga panseluta
10:00 31.07.2016

Uleiul de cocos ajută si in cazul foliculitei? Si daca da,cum se procedează?

18:42 29.04.2016

Ionica, combinatia de mai susu este potrivita si tenului tau. Uleiul de cocos chiar calmeaza tenul sensibil, deci nu este nicio o problema sa il folosesti. Daca vrei il poti inlocui cu cel de migdale. Nu iti recomand uleiul de avocado, pentru ca are o textura mai densa si daca pielea nu este curatata cum trebuie, acesta o sa ramana la suprafata. Iar tu o sa incerci sa masezi din ce in ce mai mult fata, in speranta ca o sa intre uleiul in piele si o s-ar putea sa te iriti. Uleiul de avocado l-as recomanda mai ales persoanelor cu tenul foarte uscat – cu mentiunea ca trebuie foarte bine curatat inainte de a-l aplica. Astept sa imi spui ce ai ales si cum ti s-a parut.

Ivu Dan Ionica
12:53 27.04.2016

Eu am tenul mixt si sensibil.Ce combinatie pot folosi?

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